Advice on Partnership Design Work

The blog posts on Partnership Design are intended to put readers into the capacity for initiating their own Strategic Partnership processes.

If you feel the need for tailored support to design workshops, and receive some case material to work with, then get in touch:

We offer support in the form of a:

  • 45 minute call to understand your specific objective
  • workshop brief, with a design layout
  • relevant slides & case material to your workshop

Building Strategic Partnership Competence in your Organisation

In addition to the regular public Partnership Design Masterclasses, we also offer tailored training for in-company teams, delivered in-person, or remotely (see here for an example).

In-company trainings consist of:

  • creating a common language across teams on strategic partnership design
  • bringing creativity, and a robust business experimentation mindset to partnerships
  • understanding how to turn key partnerships into a collaboration templates for systematic growth
  • managing partnership portfolio’s.

Training can also be accompanied by mentoring and guidance to build competence centers that accelerate partnership initiatives. For more information, get in touch: