Get first-hand experience with Partnership Design in our training!

Strategic Partnerships hold explosive innovation potential. But at the same time they’re tough to reailse!

In this training you will get to learn about new visual business design tools like the Partnership Canvas, that will make you faster and better at designing business model partnerships. 

The Partnership Canvas is a seamless addition to Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas. The tool has appeared in multiple academic publications, and is being used by entrepreneurs and business professionals around the globe to make better partnership decisions.

Our live Online Partnership Design Training brings you the essentials in 2 half-day sessions in an intimate setting of 10 people. The training will equip you and them teams you work with the skills to unlock the value of the strategic collaborations.



You will receive a preparation pack a week before the start consisting of the basics of the Business Model Canvas and an exercise to familiarise with the online environment for the training.

Day 1-Partnership Design Principles

12:30: Understanding the need & opportunity for innovation

13:30: Break

13:45: Designing the partnership

15:00: Close

-Case study homework assignment-

Day 2-Putting Partnerships to the Test

12:30: Testing & experimenting with the partnership

13:30: Break

13:45: Open Space; Q&A on your strategic partnership challenges

15:00: Close

 What you will learn:

  • To work as flexible, and as fast as your thinking about partnerships
  • To move from reactive and incremental planning about collaborations to making partnerships your key innovation driver
  • Keeping it real and test your partnerships the lean way
  • Using visual business tools in a remote collaborative setting

 Who is this for:

Entrepreneurs, business development professionals and consultants who have a foundation in applying Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas (highly recommended).

The training will be held online in small groups of 10 people max to ensure a relaxed online learning experience, and plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

What participants experienced:

“the canvas, and process developed and presented are really useful (and simple). I would like to contribute to make this a go-to resource for others. And this resource’s value will grow with more such workshops.”-Luzi Schucan, Product, and Partnership Manager Haufe Group  

“The design and guidance on the partnership canvas was extremely insightful. Especially when the exercise is performed with both potential partners at the same time. It gives clarity and ensures alignment on ones motivation and expected value.”– Willem Schellekens, Co-founder of the ING Innovation Studio

“The world is chainging at an ever faster pace. You have to stop thinking that you can keep up with all those evolutions by yourself. Clever, strategic and structural partnerships will become crucial for staying competitive in a sustainable way. Good news: there is a tool which will help you find the right partners, and helps you design a long term win-win-win relationship with chosen strategic partners.”– Paul Peeters, Lead expert at

The Partnership Canvas is the product of a multi-year collaboration between Bart Doorneweert (Tool Monk) and Ernst Houdkamp (Scherper Stellen). This is your opportunity to learn from the people that brought the partnership canvas to the world!

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