Partnerships: a strategy for the weak?

Check out this graph. It compares Spotify’s paying subscriptions to Apple Music’s. Apple doesn’t play a partnership game with regards to its music. All channels are in its own possession; itunes, the phones, tablets, and computers.

Spotify vs Apple
Spotify, to the contrary, looks to partnerships for every new customer touch point they create: from Uber, to Nike, to Starbucks. And it seems to be keeping Spotify ahead of the tech giant Apple!

Apple Music is another case of partnerships being undervalued in business strategy. Too often businesses opt to go at it alone, when they would actually be better off partnering.

We don’t know enough about how partnerships work, and how to improve in wielding partnership potential. Therefore I’ll be sharing all I know on designing game changing partnerships using the Business Model, and Partnership Canvas, during my upcoming Partnership Design Masterclass in Amsterdam, on September 19th. Do join!

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