How to prototype, and test your partnership, before launching it; Shopify-Uber

Brennan Loh of Shopify, talks about designing the prototype for their partnership with Uber.

This is the way that many successful and innovative partnerships come to be. It’s not about the big idea, and the big name involved, and then having all the rest fall in place.

It’s about performing experiments to find out if:
a) there is really a fit between partners,
b) and if the value created in a partnership will actually have enough impact to each of the partners’ business models for them to remain committed.

Brennan describes how to do it lean. Start with a small project that could reasonably generate a small win. Only after trying a couple of things, and creating a series of small (and growing) wins, a model for collaboration is revealed that has significant impact for both.

The Partnership Canvas is designed to guide you through this particular job of partnership design and experimentation. First, it challenges you to find out whether your partnership idea has a fit with your partner’s perspective. Then, you perform a Value Check, and a Cost Check on your business model to define testable hypotheses to find out whether the benefits outweigh the costs for both partners.

Find out more on the Partnership Design process here.

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