Practical Tips to get you started with Partnership Design

Working on partnerships is seemingly straightforward. But when you get into the exercise, you quickly find out that there are many factors at play. For instance, you need to understand your business environment, company vision, and its current business model first, before you can delve into designing winning partnerships.

To set you up for a successful Partnership Design sprint, I recently hosted a live webinar, to provide some guidance of my experience of Business Model Innovation, and how Partnership Design fits in.

Below you will find a recording of this webinar. In the first 30 minutes I share some of my insights on putting Partnership Design into practice for different audiences. After the presentation, I take some questions from the attendees of the webinar.

Here is also a link to the slides I used during the presentation.

Let me know if you have any questions about the approach. I’d be happy to help. Leave a comment below, or on the Youtube channel, and I’ll be sure to respond.

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Partnership Canvas Gamestorm

Recently, I posted the primer on the new Partnership Canvas, an add-on tool to the Business Model Canvas. I’ve gotten a fair bit of response on this canvas, particularly with requests for how to tailor a workshop around it.

Based on these requests, I’ve written out a playscript for a workshop with the Partnership Canvas, and posted it on the excellent Gamestorming Wiki.

I’m grateful and humbled that Dave Gray allowed me to post this tool amongst the collection of the other valuable visual gaming tools. Do browse through more of this Wiki if you want to realise more effective exchange in your brainstorms, and decision creating/making. Also check out the Gamestorming book, which contains more support in setting up visual meeting  workshops.

The partnership canvas as is, is just a first launching feature for a product that will help in the partnership design and implementation process. If you’re interested to learn more about the new developments around the canvas and are eager to test out/suggest new features, then read the introductory blog post to the early user sign-up page, and register. As soon as we have some new experiments to run, we’ll get you involved!

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